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Real Estate in Victoria on the rise. Langford council has approved four condominium towers to be built in the Bear Mountain Development. The towers range from 27-45 stories, making the the 45 story building the tallest on Vancouver Island and only 3 floors lower than Vancouver’s tallest building. 

Yes, there is controversy and we would love to hear what you think about this latest development either for or against. One can say that building up uses a lot less land then building out. If you would like more information on other projects in the Greater Victoria area please feel free to contact us.

For more on this project please read the article below from Friday July 6th Victoria Times Colonist by Bill Cleverley

  Tallest buildings on Vancouver Island to be built at Bear Mountain

Langford’s Bear Mountain community will soon be home to the tallest buildings on Vancouver Island.

Plans for four condominium towers ranging from 27 to 45 storeys were unveiled yesterday by Vancouver developer Robert Quigg as part of his $1.4-billion development off Bear Mountain Parkway. The towers approach the heights of Vancouver’s tallest buildings: the 48-storey One Wall Centre, followed by the 41-storey Shaw Tower.

Quigg’s plans for the 20-acre Player Drive site also include vineyards, a 150-seat restaurant and a spa.

The towers, which will have a total of 653 units, are spaced around the site and each building is six storeys higher than the next. The residential units start on the third floor with the bottom storeys open to the outdoors, allowing people to look at greenspace. All parking for the development will be underground.

“We’ve taken 20 acres and we’ve created an amazing groundscape and landscape and outdoor activity areas and the spa and the restaurant,” Quigg said.

Langford Coun. Lillian Szpak called the development “an architectural wonder” that fits the principles of smart growth, with many units on a small footprint. “We are really happy to see an environmentally friendly development go in.”

Quigg said some of the towers, which are being built on a site with an elevation of 200 metres, will be visible from Victoria. The tallest of the buildings, when completed, will add 137 metres to the site’s elevation. By comparison, the summit of Mount Finlayson is 416 metres.

But Quigg said the architectural footprint of four towers is minuscule compared with that of more than 600 single-family homes sprawling over a hilltop.

Blasting is already underway and concrete is expected to be poured for the first 27-storey tower this fall.

Quigg expects all four towers will be built over the next five to seven years. The condominiums will range in size from 800 square feet to 5,000 square feet. Prices will start at about $500,000, said Quigg, who declined to give a price for the top-end units.

Highlands resident Vicky Husband is an environmentalist who campaigned for the preservation of the Sooke Hills as a natural western backdrop for Victoria. She was less than enthusiastic.

“[The towers] are going to be an eyesore for the whole region,” she said. “Where it affects the region even more is the whole traffic issue and Bear Mountain’s demanding that the public pay for an overpass.

“Why should the public pay for this [development] that’s ruining the quality of life, totally ruining the landscape?”

Langford has been negotiating for a provincial contribution of about $5 million on the $25-million interchange near Spencer Road. The project is to be built mainly with developer funds.

Szpak said Langford has undertaken transportation studies and a number of initiatives are underway to ease congestion in the area. Those include the free Langford trolley — which is about to begin its experimental run — expanded transit and efforts to use the E&N Rail line for commuter rail. She admitted, however, the focus of the Quigg development is not easing congestion.

“This specific development isn’t meant to get people out of their cars,” she said.

Two highrises, one 15 storeys and the other 17 storeys, are among the many projects already under construction in the Bear Mountain development. When it’s completed, it will include more than 5,000 units and more than 12,000 residents.

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