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Nowadays, there’s a Starbucks or a Tim Hortons on every corner serving their famous lattes and Double Doubles – but where do you go if you want a really, really good cup of coffee?

Here in Victoria, we are lucky enough to have more than our fair share of unique coffee shops. Whether you are in Oak Bay or Downtown, there won’t ever be a shortage of coffee choices (and with over 50% of Canadians aged 18-79 drinking coffee everyday, thank goodness!).

It was no easy task, but we have narrowed down our favorite coffee shops to, what we think, are the Top 5 Coffee Shops in Victoria, BC. If we missed one of your favorites, let us know. We’re always up to try something new!


#1) 2% Jazz (in The Hudson)

If you’re into exceptional service, a welcoming atmosphere and amazing coffee, then this is the place for you. In 1996, 2% Jazz began as an outdoor kiosk, but then eventually moved indoors. By 2006, they began roasting their own beans – talk about ‘keeping it real’ (their slogan)! We love their Iced Vanilla Lattes and Hudson blend, and the fact that we can grab an Empire donut while we’re there…well, it’s no wonder they’re one of our favorites.


#2) Habit Coffee

This little gem of a coffee shop is nestled in the famous street of Fan Tan Alley, in Chinatown. While there is also a location in the Atrium on Yates Street that opened in 2010, there is something about the original shop’s rustic and cozy atmosphere that we gravitate towards. They source their ethically farmed and traded beans from local roaster Bows & Arrows Roasters, which was opened by the shop’s friend Drew Johnson in 2011. We would definitely recommend their espressos!


#3) Discovery Coffee

Although quality is no rarity in Victoria coffee shops, Discovery coffee takes the concept to a whole new level. The shop hand selects their beans from farmers from around the world, with whom they develop close relationships. Their commitment to actively participating in their sourcing in order to offer the best coffee possible makes it easy for us to love this place. Pair a cup of their java with one of their in-house ‘Yonni’s Doughnuts’. With four locations in the Greater Victoria area, there is no reason not to give them a try!


#4) Hide + Seek Coffee

Heading over to Oak Bay, you’ll come across this very welcoming and aesthetically pleasing coffee shop. Having just opened in late 2015, this new shop has established itself very well with the locals and offers some of the best coffee and snacks (such as avocado on toast, Empire donuts and gluten-free cookies) around! The owners, husband and wife Jesse and Jamie Owens, along with their friendly staff, have created a very relaxing and enjoyable environment. Be sure to swing by, check out the unique art pieces and say hi!


#5) Savoury

Staying in Oak Bay, we find the warm and inviting Savoury Café. As one Google review states, “it’s like the Cheers of coffee shops”. Not only do we love the shop’s wholesome vibes, we can’t get enough of their incredible food! They have some of the best homemade soups we have ever had the pleasure of tasting, especially when paired with their sandwhiches. Not to mention their wonderfully friendly staff and owner, Allen. If you’re in the area, do yourself a favor and pop in.

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