Selling your home is a team effort and you will require the services of several professionals other than your REALTOR®.

  • A Lawyer or Notary Public – While it is the normal practice for the buyer’s lawyer or notary to prepare the documents necessary to transfer the legal ownership, it is recommended that you, as the seller, engage legal counsel to act solely on your behalf. Among other things, he or she will protect your interests by:
    • checking the documents prepared by the buyer’s lawyer and explaining them to you
    • ensuring that your old mortgage has been properly discharged, if this is required
    • ensuring that you have no further obligation regarding your old mortgage if it is being assumed by the buyer
    • confirming that all payments for which you are responsible have been made
    • arranging for you to sign the transfer documents
    • preparing a statement for you outlining where all the purchase money was disbursed and giving you the net proceeds of the sale.