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I’m now in my eighteenth year of selling Real Estate in Victoria, BC. It is a great profession to be in (a lot more work than most people realize) and it is wonderful to help people make their dreams come through. After all, buying a home is probably one of the largest investments most people do.

When we help clients purchase a home we always encourage them to go back for a second look. Sometime this is not possible if the property is in high demand and there are multiple offers. In most situations though, we do have the opportunity to go back and have a second look. Most of the times our clients discovers so many more features of the property. This is nothing surprising if you have looked at ten properties that day, for many people it all becomes a blurry.

During the second visit to a home you discover a lot of little things, like locations of phone jacks, cable outlets, even things like how doors and windows open. Other things might be the lay of the land, checking out the electrical panel etc. Going back for a second look is just good practice.

Since we are still in the big city of Toronto and I was lucky enough to go back and have another look (Going Back For a Second Look) at the musical Dirty Dancing at the Royal Alexandra Theater

Royal Alexandra Theater, Toronto, Ontario - Musical Dirty Dancing

I did not think the show could get much better, but going back for a second look really makes you realise how talented the whole cast is. The first time around I was just looking for my niece Natalie Krill that plays Lisa Houseman. Going back for a second look gives you a chance to see all the other details that takes place, it is truly amazing that it all comes together so beautiful. The show is a must see in my opinion.

As I mentioned before, Natalie will be in the new upcoming CBC Show MVP, in which she plays Molly McBride. The show premiers on CBC 11th of January 2008 at 9pm. Guess where I will be?

If you have any comments the British Columbia economy or if you have questions about Victoria Real Estate in General, you can contact us anytime.

Cheers, Anders

Anders Treiberg, Associate Broker, REALTOR®

Properties in Victoria Professionals – Royal LePage Coast Capital.

Anders Treiberg has been a REALTOR® in Victoria since 1990. He has extensive Real Estate Expertise and can be reached on his website or via email at

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