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Moving your Vehicles to Victoria

Moving Vehicles

What are my options for moving cars, trucks, and other vehicles long distance?

On the moving van

  • In most cases, at least one of your automobiles can travel on the moving van with your furniture (peak period may be an exception).
  • Your automobile is strapped down. Plywood decking is used to protect the vehicle from other items on board.
  • For most moves within Canada, the cost is based on distance. Moves to remote locations, and to or from the United States, are charged by weight.
  • Depending on size, recreational vehicles can travel on the van. Charges are based on the amount of space occupied by the vehicle.
  • Do not pack personal items in the automobile. Empty the trunk except for the spare tire and jack. Give a copy of the ownership, proof of insurance, and a spare key to the moving consultant. Leave approximately 1/4 tank of gas in the automobile.

By rail, auto, or specialty carrier

  • Atlas Van Lines has a worldwide network of licensed and insured, third-party carriers for moving automobiles, boats, and other recreational vehicles.
  • The cost covers the third-party charges plus a surcharge for making arrangements and pre-paying for the service (usually 10% of cost).

Leased vehicles

  • You need a letter of permission from the leasing company to move leased automobiles to another city or province. A copy should be given to the moving consultant.
  • Leasing companies usually do not allow their vehicles to be moved to or from the United States or other foreign countries.

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