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It doesn’t matter if you are a new resident or a life long Victorian, you know that the city has unparalleled beauty. Whether you are looking to lie on the beach and soak up the sun, take a hike up to some amazing views, or stroll through a lush forest, Victoria has it all and then some!

With different seasons come different activities, but by no means does that mean there is ever a shortage of things to do. Here in Victoria, we are lucky enough to experience very mild winter weather, which allows us to enjoy the outdoors year round.

One of our favorite activities to do year round is hiking. Throughout Victoria you will find hundreds of hiking trails all varying in difficulty, but never lacking in spectacular scenery. Here are 5 of our favorite hikes:

  1. Mount Douglas

Duration (roundtrip): Depending on the trail, about 1-1.5 hours
Distance (roundtrip): 4km
Difficulty: Varies from easy to difficult


Mount Douglas Park, or ‘Mount Doug’ as the locals call it, is located in Gordon Head and is the largest park in Saanich and offers multiple hiking trails, as well as a paved road. With an elevation of 213m, the trails vary from easy to difficult, although each trail has some level of steepness. The paved road to the summit is a challenging, yet enjoyable hike and the fact that it is closed to vehicles until noon every day makes it even more appealing. All trails are clearly marked and also lead to the summit of the mountain. The panoramic views of the city, farms, the ocean, and even mountains in Washington State make the hike worth it.

  1. Mount Finlayson

Duration (roundtrip): 1.5 hours
Distance (roundtrip): 4m
Difficulty: Difficult


If you are a more experienced hiker looking for a challenge, Mount Finlayson is the hike for you. This hike is located near the Goldstream Provincial Park off of the Trans-Canada Highway/BC-1N and features a very steep climb including stairs, bridges, old logging roads, and many loose rocks. The trail is clearly marked and there are always fellow hikers out and about. Once you reach the top there are stunning views of Langford and the Bear Mountain Golf Resort. Remember to pack lots of water and healthy snacks for this one!

  1. Thetis Lake

Duration (roundtrip): 2 hours
Distance (roundtrip): 5km
Difficulty: Easy – Moderate


Thetis Lake Regional Park is located in the Highlands of Victoria and consists of multiple hiking trails, all relatively easy. The main route takes you on a trail that wraps around Lower and Upper Thetis Lake where you will enjoy an easy stroll with great views of the beautiful lake. This trail is popular among runners and is perfect for those looking for a leisurely walk, appropriate for babies or dogs. What makes this hike unique is that you get to see all sides of the lake and in the warmer months, there is the option of taking a dip at the Thetis Lake Beach.

  1. Sooke Potholes

Duration (roudtrip): 1 hour
Distance (roundtrip): 3km
Difficulty: Easy

The Sooke River near Crescent Beach.


Sooke is a community located about 30 minutes from Victoria and is home to the Sooke Potholes, an attraction that has become very popular among the island’s west-coasters. The main attraction of this hike is of course the Potholes, however the several easy hiking trails to the holes feature picturesque views of the fast-paced Sooke River as well as the beautiful forest. Along the way there are several viewpoints, a visitor center, and you may even run into people panning for gold. In the summer, be sure to bring your bathing suit and enjoy the unique potholes for all they are worth.

  1. Goldstream Railway Trestle

Duration (roundtrip): 2 hours
Distance (roundtrip): 3km
Difficulty: Difficultgoldstream-trestle-bridge-4

If heights make you queasy, this hike may not be for you. The Goldstream Provincial Park is home to the Goldstream Railway Trestle hike. This hike is known for it’s Instagram worthy trestle bridge which is part of the Esquimalt & Nanimo Railway. The railway is currently not in use, however there is talk that if the funding comes through it may be used for passenger and freight service again. The hike begins on the side where the day-use area of the park is located and you will make your way through a tunnel to reach the other side of the highway. Throughout the hike you will encounter Niagara Falls and stunning views of the provincial park. Once you reach the trestle, you will find that many cross the bridge, however, it is a very long fall down the canyon, so watch your step if you decide to do so.


As you can see, no matter your hiking experience, Victoria has the right trail for you! So if you are up for it, round up some friends or family, pack a lunch, a lot of water, and try one of these hikes! Who knows, maybe you will see a member of the Properties in Victoria Professionals team out there.


Happy hiking!

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