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imagesCAFVL3BDEvery year around this time I am often asked, “How much should I decorate my house for Christmas when I am trying to sell?” This is a great question as we will have more homes on the market at this time of year. For the home owner it can be a very trying time to balance selling a home and living in one at the same time. One of the obvious questions is what to do about decorating? When you really think about it, the decorations of Christmas bring about a very positive warm feel to a home if done right. If you think about how prominent our Parliament Buildings are year round because of the white lights you get the idea.

Starting outside, white lights will appeal to everyone. We are blessed here with lots of live wreaths that smell wonderful upon entering a door of a home. These two things are simple but elegant, welcoming and appealing. Try a wreath on each side of the door. Use fresh greenery on mantles and staircases. A poinsettia or two is just enough. White lights outside the door or on a patio are a beautiful addition.

Depending on your sellers taste the array of beautiful indoor Christmas decorations in any color are amazing. Just don’t overdo it.

A beautiful tree can set off a beautiful living space. There is lots of Christmas bling that can be used for dining room tables, kitchen counters and bathrooms. Play gentle well known music without words, it sets the mood. Use Christmas baking as a sense of smell before a showing, or try simmering some cider with orange slices, cinnamon and cloves. Fabrics in the home should be newer, velvety and silky with tempting towels in the bathroom and kitchen. Offer prospective buyers a warm drink, some heavenly organic tea or cider and lemon with honey.

Your Christmas decorations should appeal to anyone and therefore set the stage for wonderful successful holiday showings. Remember that you are still trying to sell your house so the potential buyers have to be able to see it. Make sure that you don’t make your rooms too crowded.

Less is more! 

Written by Diana Zinck, The Stage Coach

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