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One of the most exciting Real Estate Developments in Victoria is the Bayview Residence.The Bayview Residence Developer Ken and Patricia Mariash not only builds a superior product they also support our local symphony. A recent article in the Times Colonist by Joanne Hatherly reads:

“The gig goes on.”

Those are the words Victoria Symphony violinist Julian Vitek used to describe what Bayview Residences developer Ken Mariash’s $75,000 sponsorship means to tomorrow’s Bayview Victoria Symphony Splash.

At a pre-event luncheon held amid the roar of construction machinery on the unfinished sixth floor of Tower One at Bayview Residences, Mariash confirmed that the gig will go on for at least another five years, as he and the Victoria Symphony signed a five-year contract guaranteeing $75,000 every year to the annual outdoor performance that last year attracted an audience of 40,000

But why stop there?

Mariash suggested that the partnership has room to grow.

“I talked with David Foster, and he’s very happy to have some artists come up and perform with the Victoria Symphony,” said Mariash, who sees the orchestra as more than a cultural centerpiece, but also as a “tremendous asset to do fundraising for the homeless and other charities.”

Indeed, expansion plans are in the works. Paid-for seating was introduced this year to pump up revenue to cover the cost of running the fundraising event, which up to now has been donation-only. The 200 seats, which sell for $75 until tomorrow, when they will go for $99, will give their buyers a guaranteed view of the floating stage from which the Victoria Symphony will perform. Each purchase comes with a $50 tax receipt.

Keith Dagg, communications consultant for Bayview Developments, said the 200 bleacher seats are a trial balloon for expanded paid seating at next year’s Splash.

“This year it’s 200, next year it could be 2,000,” said Dagg.

Sheila Taylor, spokeswoman for the Symphony, confirmed the plan, but was a little more cautious.

“It will depend on the reaction this year,” said Taylor, noting that as of yesterday, only 32 tickets remained. “If there’s a way to do it without impeding sight-lines, we’ll do it, because it’s a good way to raise funds.” But Taylor doesn’t see the number increasing 10-fold next year.

At yesterday’s press conference, Mariash accepted thanks from Victoria Symphony’s incoming president, Deedrie Ballard, and executive director Marcus Handman, but he didn’t shy away from pointing out that one hand washes the other.

“We’re selfish and we’re commercial,” said Mariash, adding that the partnership between the Symphony and Bayview promotes both organizations.

Mariash got his start in the construction business before the age of 12 by tagging around after his father, whom Mariash described as a farmer/builder.

Before he was 15 years old, Mariash lied about his age to get a construction job.

“There I was, driving big trucks around, phew,” said Mariash. Inspired by architects he met at construction sites, he studied art, physics and business before landing at the University of British Columbia’s School of Architecture during Arthur Erickson’s tenure.

He obtained four university degrees, some while running his own construction firm. The small-town Saskatchewan boy eventually made his presence felt even in New York.

He hired architect Patricia Ridgeway in the late 1980s and married her in the 1990s. Now she is an active design partner in Mariash’s ventures.

After the press conference formalities, Vitek, with violin in hand, expressed his personal gratitude to Mariash for saving Symphony Splash. Mariash tapped the 28-year-old on the shoulder and said, “It’s a partnership.” End of Article.

Personally I think this is very generous and it is nice to see a developer like Ken and Patricia Mariash.

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 Cheers, Anders

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