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Do you think you know everything there is to know about Victoria, British Columbia? Think again!


#1) Victoria is home to Canada’s oldest Chinatown


#2) and… Chinatown is home to the narrowest alley in the country: Fantan Alley 




#3) Victoria used to be home to Tilikum the killer whale, who is featured in the popular documentary called Blackfish 




#4) There are 3,560 lights on the Parliament Buildings 




#5) The Bard & Banker pub downtown was a bank in the 1900s, and is actually where poet, Robert Service, used to work as a banker (Robert Service wrote the famous poem The Cremation of Sam McGee) 




#6) Victoria is home to the second highest number of restaurants per capital in all of North America, falling behind San Francisco. Crazy!




#7) 3 separate species of Orca Whales (over 80 mammals) call the ocean waters that surround Victoria, home




#8) Famous painter, Emily Carr, is buried in the Ross Bay Cemetery, which is also one of Victoria’s most historic places 




#9) Victoria is considered the Cyclist Capital of Canada




#10) The city is also considered the ‘Brunch Capital of Canada’… and for good reason too. Check out our blog post on where to go for a delicious brunch or breakfast




#11) There are over 10 golf courses in Victoria. You’ll never be short of new courses to try!





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