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We love Winter! Snow falls (maybe not so much here in Victoria), cozy days by the fireplace curled up with a hot chocolate and a good book…However, winter is also one of the most expensive seasons. No, we aren’t talking about Christmas presents, we’re talking about your heating your home and other damages caused by the cold season. So, to save money on your hydro bills and escape those costly damages,  follow these 10 winterizing tips.

  1. Purchase a programmable thermostat
    Having to continuously readjust the thermostat up and down is not only a pain, the inconsistent change of heat will causes inconsistencies on your hydro bill. Invest in a programmable thermostat (You can get them for cheap! Click here) to ensure heat only turns on when the house reaches a certain temperature, saving you the hassle and the money!
  2. Replace your furnace filter
    Replace your furnace filter, as dirty filters will reduce the airs ability to flow and therefore increase the energy used.
  3. Get rid of the drafts!
    While drafts coming through your windows in the summer may be ideal, this can cause your hydro bill to rise drastically in the winter. Take the time this fall to check for drafts, then reseal  the caulk around your windows. Click here for a step by step guide. If you don’t want to bother with caulking, use draft stoppers.

  4. Clean those gutters
    Although slightly tedious, cleaning out your gutters in order to let water flow easily will help you in the upcoming winter months – this will help you avoid leaks and other water damages to your home.
  5. Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters
    Simple, but effective. Throw on a few more layers if you really want to avoid using too much heat. Who doesn’t love a big cozy sweater, anyway?
  6. Insulate windows for cheap
    A wallet-friendly way to insulate your home is to pick up a window insulation kit at your local hardware store. The plastic isn’t visible, so you don’t have to worry about creating an eyesore.
  7. Clockwise Fans
    If your home has fans, try having them move in a clockwise direction. This movement allows the hot air to be pushed from the ceiling towards the floor. Voila! Free and easy!
  8. Clean the garage
    While the garage acts as an excellent storage room, try cleaning it out this fall so you can actually park your car inside. This will help you avoid being late for work or dropping the kids off at school, as the car won’t be subject to the cold winter weather.
  9. Shut the door!
    If your home has rooms that are rarely or never used, close the doors! Left open, these rooms will steal heat they don’t need. The best part? It takes 2 seconds!
  10. Lower water heaters temperature
    Often, we don’t realize our water heater is on its ‘default’ setting, costing us more than it should be. Take it down a few notches and watch your bills do the same!
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