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  1. Thou shall not change jobs, become self employed or quit a job (BEFORE closing)
  2. Thou shall not buy a car, truck or van (BEFORE closing)
  3. Thou shall not rack up credit cards or lines of credit (BEFORE closing)
  4. Thou shall not spend money set aside for down payment or for closing (BEFORE closing)
  5. Thou shall not omit debts or liabilities during the Mortgage Application process.
  6. Thou shall not buy furniture (BEFORE closing)
  7. Thou shall not permit additional credit inquiries (BEFORE closing)
  8. Thou shall not change bank accounts (BEFORE closing)
  9. Thou shall not co-sign on any loans or mortgages (BEFORE closing)
  10. Thou shall not invest down payment funds into high risk investments (BEFORE closing)

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